Rainbow Like Me


This delightful board book is aimed at young children who are just beginning to discover the world of colours. The bright pictures are designed to develop sensory awareness and the characters who are of a variety of ethnicities and cultures will subtly introduce young minds to the beauty in diversity.
It also aims to smash common gender stereotypes such as pink is for girls and sports is for boys, installing the message in children that they can be, enjoy and love anything they choose, without limits.
Babies and toddlers will enjoy learning to identify colours in this passion project created by the author in collaboration with her fourteen-year-old son, who created the illustrations.


This book will:

  • Develop sensory skills via the use of brightly coloured images.
  • Aid recognition of the colours of the rainbow for early learning development.
  • Smash gender stereotypes.
  • Spread the beauty of ethnic diversity.
  • Promote representation and ethnic pride. Children of a wide expanse of cultural and ethnic backgrounds can identify with the characters in the book.

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