Counting Adventure in Trinidad and Tobago


The second in the ABCulture Collection series of books is Counting Adventure in Trinidad and Tobago.

A Fun, Colourful & Educational Journey Through Trinidad & Tobago.



Patrick and Joe are now joined by their baby sister, Claire. Their Trinidadian Mummy who is very proud of her home country Trinidad and Tobago has a desire to teach her children more about the country of her birth. She takes them on another trip to Trinidad and Tobago for an awesome adventure holiday. They learn about foods, cultural events, animals, and places of interest while counting from 1 to 20 along the way!

Bright and detailed illustrations coupled with verses written in all rhyming prose – this book will capture a child’s full attention and engage their imaginative minds.

This book will:

  • Develop reading skills – from early stages of learning to count all the way to advanced reading skills.
  • Aid recognition of all that is typical of Trinidad and Tobago providing educational facts about each.
  • Engage young readers with rhyming prose.
  • Spread the beauty of cultural diversity.
  • Promote representation and ethnic pride. Children can identify with the characters in the book and easily feel part of the story helping to broaden their minds which is essential in today’s diverse world.

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